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The Dutch Ones

Our story

Hello, we are Caspar and Jeroen aka “The Dutch Ones”. We have met each other 6 years ago at a collage for goldsmiths. From here we became best friends and found out that we had the same passion about gemstones, more crazy about it than passionate maybe, but ok. The hours we didn’t spend time at goldsmithing and gemmology we worked at the biggest wholesale Gem specialist in the Netherlands. Beside that we prospected for gems and fossils in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Austria.

What do we want, what are we going to do?
Our dream is to keep the whole process in our own hands, from rough material to our own shiny “precious”. The plan is that we are going to Australia for a year to prospect for gemstones. Why Australia: Australia has a big variety of gems if you know where to find them (and we know where). The main stone we are going to search for is Sapphire; you can find them in every colour of the rainbow. Australia is known for their yellow/blue Sapphires which are called “weddingstones” perfect for an original engagement ring.  And after diamond it is the hardest material on earth so they are strong enough to pass on to the next generation.

How to find gems:
Is it that easy to find gems? It is if you know where to look (and you need luck of course). We have a enough geological and gemmological knowledge and experience to find them. Also we have done a lot of research and spoke with gemmologists that have shown us the exact spots where to find gems.

The first thing we do when we arrive in Australia is arrange our documents and a car (probably we need a week for this). After this we are going to work for a couple of months so we have enough money to search for several months. You can follow us at our blog where you can find pictures, films and reports of our journey.



Hey guys, Our Australian journey started 10-03-2016 around 4/5 pm at Dusseldorf airport. After we said good bye to our families we went to the...
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